We have received the following communication from the FTA (Freight & Trade Alliance) regarding the ongoing DPW events:

Notice of a disruption event under Victoria’s Voluntary Code of Practice
The Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) has determined that the prolonged container supply chain disruptions at the Port of Melbourne justifies the notification of a Disruption Event under the Voluntary Code of Practice.
DTP published the Voluntary Code of Practice in October 2023 to provide guidance to industry on the coordinated response to disruption events at the Port of Melbourne.
A disruption event is generally defined as an unexpected event or supply chain blockage that leads to the prolonged inability of goods to flow efficiently.
Next steps 

  • DTP will convene and chair a Disruption Response Group, commencing Friday 22 December 2023 with representation from:
    • Port of Melbourne Operations
    • Container Transport Alliance Australia and container transport operators
    • Freight Trade Alliance
    • Shipping Australia Limited and shipping lines
    • Container terminal operators
    • Empty container park operators
    • DTP including Freight Victoria and West Gate Tunnel project representatives
    • Other key industry stakeholders as required
  • The Disruption Response Group will develop a Disruption Response Plan with the aim of alleviating the operational and financial cost impacts associated with the disruption event, including:
    • Improving awareness and monitoring of the disruption event
    • Managing heavy vehicle access to the Port of Melbourne
    • Minimising commercial implications due to congestion
    • Supporting exporter operations
    • Managing empty container movement and storage
    • Minimising impact of concurrent network disruptions due to infrastructure works.
  • The Disruption Response Group is collectively responsible for implementing the recommended steps in the Disruption Response Plan.

We thank representatives on the Disruption Response Group for their participation in mitigating this disruption event.

*Source: Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) Pty Ltd

We will continue to monitor the situation and as always, we will notify you of any progress on this subject.

Should you have any questions or require additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Kerry representative.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.