Expand your global presence with our powerful and integrable e-commerce supply chain solutions.

We design customised omni-channel fulfilment services to strengthen, streamline and grow your e-commerce business. Our comprehensive and robust e-commerce solutions are end-to-end, designed to streamline internal processes so that you can focus on what matters most. 

Providing effective solutions for order fulfilment, inventory management, warehousing and delivery, we also manage international distribution and marketing. Whether your model is B2B, B2C, B2B2C or O2O, we offer total and consolidated e-commerce solutions and origin value-added services (VAS) to meet your business goals and support your future growth.

Our client portfolio spans a wide range of industries – from fashion and retail to electronics and automotive – and we are proud to play a core role in the management, sustainability and performance of their growing supply chain.

Designed to establish and strengthen your online presence in the global marketplace and manage your store as it grows, our multi-channel, online sales solutions offer comprehensive functionality, while remaining intuitive and easy-to-use.
Our e-commerce solutions for e-tailers include a dedicated and customised onboarding and implementation service to ensure a zero-defect start up.

We also provide in-house order management services to manage shipments at order level.

Our e-commerce solutions include a full suite of shipping and delivery options, which include online track and trace, data analysis and API integration with our last-mile courier service partner, and leading express freight network.

Our experienced team and global network is set up to provide your e-commerce business with customised charter solutions to reach nearly any destination on the globe.

Whether your current challenges are complex or your long-term goals are ambitious – we are committed to tailoring freight forwarding solutions that enable you to reach the people and places you need to.