Fashion & Lifestyle

Fast and efficient logistics for fashion and lifestyle brands.

From luxury goods to beauty, sportswear to accessories, fast fashion to lifestyle products – our client portfolio covers a wide range of local and international brands, serving tens of thousands of outlets around the globe, every day.

Our customised fashion logistics solutions include:

We are proud to offer enhanced visibility and shorter lead times for our clients via innovative consolidation solutions that leverage our interconnected network of suppliers and countries across countries. Our cost-effective MCC solutions also include total carrier management, DC bypass and e-commerce support.

We can support your local and regional warehousing needs through our extensive network of bonded and non-bonded logistics facilities. We’ll also handle overflow management, store stock take, secured packaging for high-fashion transportation and cash-on delivery too.

Our PO management solutions are customisable and centralising to ensure one source of truth, effective supplier management and increased shipment visibility. To minimise lead time and drive supply chain optimisation, our PO solutions ensure the efficient consolidation and delivery of your shipments.

From e-commerce and order fulfilment to cross-border distribution and last-mile delivery – we pride ourselves on supporting O2O businesses with highly customised solutions that give e-tailers total visibility, and enable them to set up, manage and grow their presence in the global marketplace.

Whether your supply chain incorporates recycling, refurbishing or returns in its supply chain – our reverse logistics solutions are designed to add value to your business and minimise the costs usually associated with return products. From building customer loyalty to repeating business, we are committed to designing cost-effective reverse logistics solutions.

For a logistics solution that meets the demands of one of the worlds’ fastest-moving industries, Kerry Logistics Oceania is your go- to partner.