Air Freight

Connecting business and markets around the world – fast.

As the most efficient solution for urgent distribution, we understand the vital role air freight plays in connecting your business with the world. As an IATA agent, we’re internationally recognised for our quality and speed. Our air freight experts operate around the clock in order to ensure optimal routes, maximum cost-efficiency and the fastest transit times possible for your transportation needs.

As well as offering a complete suite of air freight services covering pick-up at origins, multiple consolidation and customs clearance and last-mile delivery, we cover a full range of import and export air freight services across Oceania too.

In addition, our KerrierVISION IT platform allows you to track and trace your shipments from pick-up to final delivery – ensuring total visibility and peace of mind.

Our well-established contracts with leading airlines such as Air New Zealand, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, China Air, and a dedicated cargo airline of our own (SF Airlines – which operates a fleet of 79 aircraft), enable us to connect small, medium and large business with any and every corner of the globe.