Time Definite Products

When transit time is paramount, you need an immediate solution and action – without compromising on reliability. Our time definite products provide simple solutions to your urgent and last-minute needs. 

Whether you need goods shipped immediately or within a specific time frame, our range of time definite products are designed to deliver goods exactly when you need them. Get in touch with our 24/7 Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand-based customer service team who will advise you on the best solution for your needs. 

Our domestic and international delivery partners integrate with our time definite products to ensure that the last mile of delivery is also treated with the appropriate urgency. Our KerrierVISION IT platform also provides you with regular updates from request to delivery, and real-time track-and-trace.

Offering the fastest transit time possible, NFO ensures that your shipment is scheduled for the next direct flight or fastest available solution.

With a transit time of 1-3 days* XPRESS travels your shipment on a direct flight from origin to destination – a fast and reliable choice.

With a transit time of 3-5 days* DEFINITE is our standard air service that prioritises speed, and incorporates consolidation solutions where possible.

With a transit time of 5-7 days* ECO is our most economical air service that focuses on facilitating consolidation solutions that result in reduced transit times and reduced costs.

*Delivery time frames for XPRESS, DEFINITE and ECO are ATA (airport-to-airport). Our experienced customer service team will match the time definite product you choose with a customised and efficient last-mile delivery solution too.