Our multimodal solutions solve complex logistical challenges – saving you time and money.

When your goods travel between regions or across countries, you’ll need more than one mode of transport. However, multimodal logistics can be complex, expensive and cause delays. To ensure cost-effective yet comprehensive multimodal transport solutions for our clients, we offer a single per-kilogram rate and provide one single document for the entire transportation process.

Covering air, ocean, road and rail freight, our multimodal solutions ensure your supply chain is intelligent and productive. When your transportation requirements are complex, large or bespoke, our local and regional experts will recommend a multi-modal solution that capitalises on our range of transportation options and logistics facilities to secure a cost-effective, fast and resourceful solution.

Through our easy-to-use digital platform KerrierVISION IT, you’ll have access to real-time and accurate data about the status of your shipments – whether they’re in-between modes or en route.