Delivering fast-moving consumer goods – fast – with our professional logistics solutions.

Our priority is to get your fast-moving consumer goods to the market in perfect condition – fast.

Characterised by low-cost and high-demand, we understand that cost-efficiency and speed is essential in your industry. That’s why our FMCG logistics solutions ensure the effective management of manufacturers and suppliers as those high-volume goods move swiftly along your supply chain.

Our scope of professional logistics services for the FMCG industry includes:

  • Order processing
  • Cross-docking
  • Home / Last-mile delivery
  • E-commerce logistics
  • Event logistics
  • Reverse logistics

Our range of value-added services include:

  • Special packaging
  • Tagging
  • Label/bar-code management
  • Product assembly
  • Postponement and kitting
  • Expiry date management

Our integrated logistics solutions for the FMCG industry will streamline logistics and improve client satisfaction – all at a highly competitive cost.