Digital Solutions

Increase predictability, boost productivity and build resilience with our digital shipping solutions.

Optimised digital solutions are crucial in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world, and their benefits are immense when properly executed. That’s why we’re committed to providing our customers with innovative digital logistics solutions supporting daily operations and future planning. 

From anticipating customer behaviours to automating repetitive tasks – our digital solutions ensure visibility and connectivity and allow multiple departments to respond to accurate data in real-time, plan more effectively, make critical decisions confidently, and analyse and optimise business performance.

Our Technician Team in Adelaide specialise in local data integration and will tailor EDIs (Electronic Data Interchange) to integrate and enhance your existing systems seamlessly. 

In addition, our integrated digital platform KerrierVISION includes a wide range of visibility products across various industries – providing our clients with highly specialised digital solutions.

KerrierVISION products:

Our sophisticated multi-functional supply chain management tool, Virtual Buying Office (VBO) is designed to optimise sourcing activities and enhance transparency for all partners involved in complex or large supply chains.

With planning functions that provide visibility from PO creation through to final delivery, VBO allows you to proactively manage you supplier base, optimise information flow and configure your own reporting system – enhancing control and visibility along the supply chain.

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Designed to meet the individual needs of your business, and integrate seamlessly with our freight management software Cargowise One, our Track & Trace portal gives you complete visibility – from inventory to freight, purchase orders to delivery tracking.

Our Track & Trace portal features include:

  • Tracking information
  • Shipment reporting
  • PO tracking
  • Document management
  • Cloud-based platform
  • Warehouse management portal

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