With the current freight rate levels from NEA to AUEC at an all-time low, we have received notices from all carriers of their intention to apply a GRI to market rates, effective 21 May 2023. Expected increases are USD 250.00/TEU, though the final quantum will be confirmed closer to the effective date. 

Additionally, there will be several planned blank sailings throughout May, which may impact cargo flow and cause a rollover of cargo.  We will keep you up to date on the status of your bookings and if any are impacted. 

To assist you in your planning, below is a list of blank sailings based on ETD ex Shanghai:

1) CAT sailing May 6 & May 20 — EMC/HPL/YML/TSL/PIL/SNL 
2) CA2 sailing May 14 — YML/TSL/PIL
3) ZIM sailing May 12
4) AUN sailing May 3 — ONE/MSK/HAM
5) A3N sailing May 19 from Qingdao.