Please note that there is significant congestion across the board in particular into Australia, both NEA (North East Asia) and SEA (South East Asia) are affected.

Impact on Service Levels

Over the last 3 weeks the situation from South East Asia has escalated drastically, with some carriers making the decision to hold new bookings for the next 3 to 5 weeks to clear the backlog. While we are working on a suitable solution, there is a strong possibility of premium uplift surcharges.  Singapore congestion across all carriers is dire, with a minimum of 3 week tranship delays

The sudden congestion in South East Asia region is predominantly caused by the Red Sea situation, where vessels to / from Europe had to halt their voyage as it became unsafe to sail through the Suez Canal.  With most vessels are now being diverted via the Cape of Good Hope, it has added an additional 2 week onto the transit time.  This has caused a significant delay in vessel arrivals to the main transship hubs such as Singapore and Malaysia creating a bottle neck of cargo.  Shipping lines are now looking to divert most of their spare fleet onto the Trans-Atlantic trade to manage the sailing gaps created by the delays.

We are also expecting upcoming issues with empty equipment availability in Asia as a lot of the container fleet typically gets repositioned from Europe.

GRI Notices

As a consequence, all carriers are increasing their market rates across the board. We have provided a summary of GRI notices as per below:

Please note above is still subject to change, as the current situation on capacity and congestion is still affecting sailing schedules.

Please be aware of the delays and increase your order lead times where possible.  We are working on solutions to ensure your business continuity.  If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to discuss them with your point of contact at Kerry Logistics.

We will continue to monitor the situation and as always, we will notify you of any impacted deliveries.

Should you have any questions or require additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Kerry representative.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

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