Please be advised that no container vessels are scheduled to berth at LPC until at least 07:00 hrs on 03/10/2023, though these timings may be altered based on weather conditions.

LPC CityDepot Weather Protocols:
LPC CityDepot adheres to rigorous protocols regarding wind speeds. When wind speeds exceed 33 knots, our Weather Risk Management mandates limitations on yard activities and mandates reduced stacking heights for safety reasons.

Current Weather Situation at CityDepot:
According to the latest weather update, CityDepot is set to experience high winds, starting from 11:00 hrs today, with predicted speeds surpassing 50 knots. the VBS system will inform stakeholders of potential site closures or disruptions due to these wind conditions.  

If you have any specific concerns or require additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Kerry Representative.