We have been advised by Port of Tauranga that Kiwi Rail have a 5 day Block of Line scheduled this upcoming Easter Weekend between 29th March – 2nd April for maintenance purposes.

We understand that there are several vessels working over the period which will be affected for Imports and Exports.


For Imports, it is expected that there will be delays on the arrival of containers to MetroPort Auckland, but Port of Tauranga will do all possible to minimise service disruptions.

The rail team are aiming to clear Tauranga of all Import containers on hand prior to the Block of Line, and expect to return to a normal delivery profile within approximately 7 – 12 days, once the line reopens.

To minimise delays, all container holds should be cleared prior to vessel arrival, and containers can be managed via Shuttle Connect as normal.

Please ensure your nominated Customs Broker and / or Carrier are aware of any urgent requirements in order that they can do all possible to meet delivery expectations for any arrivals during this period.

Should you require any further information on Imports, or wish to discuss alternative transport options during the period of closure, please do not hesitate to contact your dedicated customer service representative.


For Exports the affected vessels (below) will require early MetroPort cut offs to ensure containers are railed to Tauranga to meet intended vessels before the Block of Line. The gate will open early for these vessels to offset the early cut off.

The last MetroPort train before the Block of Line, will arrive in Tauranga Friday 29 March 0100.

The first MetroPort train after the Block of Line will arrive in Tauranga Tuesday 02 April 0100.

Should you require any further information in regards to the revised Export cut off dates, please contact our Team, who will be happy to assist.