Please note the Port of Auckland processing times of full container ships is still exceptionally slow. Several factors are causing this, including labour shortages, Black Friday and Christmas volumes.

Below is a snapshot of the latest vessels arriving at AKL port, highlighting their initial ETA and planned berthing windows. Please note the dates below are accurate as of today; however, these berthing dates could be pushed out further.

Initial ETAPlanned Birthing Date
NYK Futago v.084s20-Oct8-Nov
Tianjin Bridge v.167s25-Oct12-Nov
CMA CGM Seattle v.385s2-Nov20-Nov
Shiling v.015s4-Nov23-Nov

Our operations team constantly check every berthing window for each vessel arriving in NZ, which will be reflected in your shipment status reports.

We apologise for these constant delays and acknowledge the pain and frustration this is causing noting the time of year.

Please feel free to contact your Kerry representative if you require further information.