Due to the reduced air quality and visibility caused by recent hazard-reduction burns, both DP World and Patrick terminals at Port Botany have cancelled early morning slot bookings to ensure the safety of all involved. Our transport partners have informed us that as most hazard-reduction burns occur overnight, they primarily impact early AM slots, though delays might ensue as services play catch-up throughout the day.
Key Updates:

  • Terminal Closures: Slot bookings at DP World and Patrick terminals at Port Botany have been cancelled until further notice.
  • Warehouse Closure: Our warehouse will close shortly once all urgent shipments are completed.
  • Airport: While no official notice of closure has been issued, please be prepared for potential disruptions at the airport as well.

As of now, our containers haven’t faced any delays. However, with hazard-reduction burns to continue this week, more closures are likely. We will communicate delays with impacted parties on a case-by-case basis should they occur.
We value your understanding and cooperation. If you have any specific concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Kerry Representative.