Please be advised of the following updates pertaining to operations at Port of Auckland along with VBS bookings and de-hire depots in the Auckland region. 
Operational Update from Port of Auckland:

  • The pavement upgrade is on track for completion by the end of September. 
  • [The Port of Auckland] has unfortunately suffered a major mechanical failure on one of the STS cranes, ‘K’, which will be out of service until mid-October whilst they undertake repairs. The crane can be moved but is the centre crane of 5 on FX/FZ berths, which limits the number of cranes that can deploy to vessels in the berth. 
  • There remain ongoing delays to vessels working at the terminal as the port manages tight labour capacity in addition to the above.

VBS Bookings

  • Fergusson Port is experiencing a surge in bookings, being booked out approximately one week in advance, which is an uncommon occurrence.
  • Jellicoe is now accepting import vessels again, albeit with limited slots and operating hours. This change will impact the availability of the last free days and times for pickups.

De-hire Depots: 

  • MCP & Savill Drive: Same-day bookings are no longer available.
  • LINK/FCT: Current bookings extend to a wait time of 2-3 days in advance.
  • Metrobox: The booking window is approximately one day in advance.

We strongly urge all customers to promptly book their containers as soon as they are emptied. We recommend securing bookings at least 5 working days before the last free day of detention to allow a 3-working-day cushion to obtain a booking slot.

Please note that Kerry Logistics will not be liable for any detention on containers caused by the above. 

If you have any specific concerns or require additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Kerry Representative.