We wish to inform you of upcoming adjustments in local charges for both sea and air freight, set to take effect from January 1, 2024. 

Key Areas of Increase:

  • Wharf Terminal Landside
  • Shipping Line Terminal Handling Fees
  • Vehicle Booking System (VBS) and Empty Park Fees

These changes stem from a significant investment by Stevedores in their terminal infrastructure. Over $600 million is projected to be spent between 2023-2026 on equipment upgrades and civil expansion works to enhance landside operations. Additional capital expenditures include maintenance, expansion of pavements at all terminals, and substantial IT infrastructure and systems upgrades.

Furthermore, the ongoing industrial actions by DPWA’s workforce and the maritime union have led to substantial costs and supply chain disruptions. These challenges have impacted transport operators and their clients, causing delays and loss of productivity.

  • Airline Terminal Handling and Documentation

The annual review of Airline Terminal Handling Fees indicates a necessary adjustment due to increased operational costs in the current market.

Impact on Our Services:

Regrettably, these increased charges are beyond our control and will be reflected in our service fees starting January 2024. Our team will provide detailed updates on these adjustments shortly.

For any inquiries or concerns regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to contact the Kerry Logistics Team.