Due to further COVID-19 outbreaks in Shenzhen and Shanghai, we have been advised that the local governments have imposed restrictions and suspension of all operations in both cities from 14th March to 20th March.

  • Everyone is required to work from home
  • Factories and 3PL facilities are closed across Shenzhen and Shanghai
  • Transport companies are also impacted; all work is being suspended
  • Terminals are still operational but with limited resources

At this stage, factories outside of these cities are still operating and able to deliver to alternative ports. We suggest loading from Xiamen instead of Shenzhen and Ningbo instead of Shanghai if possible.

Below is the current operational status we have received from Kerry offices/warehouses:

Dalian/Qingdao/Ningbo/ Xiamen offices

Currently, operations have not been impacted by the latest outbreak.

Tianjin office

Factories are trying their best to load cargo into containers, but all drivers must take nucleic acid testing (NAT) before proceeding with collection from factories. A nucleic acid test can take up to 48hours to process; if NAT results are not received in time it is likely to delay transport collection, resulting in containers missing intended sailing cut off.

Shenzhen office

LCL: All warehouses have been closed

FCL: Shenzhen/Shekou/Yantian terminals are still open, but all drivers need nucleic acid testing. Some Shekou depots are closed, which will affect container pick-up

We are monitoring the situation closely and will update you on any shipment delays as we have more information on hand.